My Big Fat Vegan Brunch

Waking up in a house that’s nearly out of food is the WORST. Especially on a Saturday morning AND especially after a late night. Midnight is late for you all too, right?! So I grabbed my grocery list, and the hubs and I set off to replenish the fridge and pantry. While it was worth the wait, we didn’t have breakfast brunch until nearly noon – the reason for its name sake – My Big Fat Vegan Brunch.

Saturday Breakfast
Saturday Brunch – 2/27/16

What I ate:

  • Cafe au Lait made w/ soy milk
  • Mexican bolillo roll from Panchita’s Bakery half w/ avocado & tomato and half w/ Earth Balance butter
  • Vegan Ube Taro Coconut Donut from Nomad Donuts
  • Kiwi.

And yes, I ate it ALL. During the week, I eat pretty healthy, but on the weekends I like to enjoy myself. Yah, feel me?

More about what/how I eat…

Since transitioning to a more plant-based eating style and now veganism for Lent, I get a lot of questions from family, friends, and even other Dietitians about what exactly I eat. For starters, since being newish to plant-based eating (last November), I hunt for delicious and inspiring vegetarian/vegan recipes to try each week. Two of my favorite blogs are Minimalist Baker and Budget Bytes (not all plant-based). I also watch a lot of youtube videos for ideas on staple meals and food items. Here’s what’s on the menu at my house this week:

Smoky Black Bean Burgers – Just bought 2# of dried black beans – SO much cheaper and tastier than canned beans. We will have beansss for days, luckily they freeze well!

Zucchini Spaghetti w/ Lentil Marinara – I finally bought a spiralizer and can. not. wait. to make zoodles!

African Peanut Stew – I’ve made this twice and just love it – definitely doubling the recipe!

Butternut Squash Black Bean Enchiladas – We got a butternut squash in our CSA last week, and so with all the beans we will have, this recipe perfectly fits the bill.

In addition to these recipes, we ALWAYS have Mexican on Sunday nights. About once a month, I take 2# of dried pinto beans and make Frijoles de Olla in the crock pot. Add rice, tortillas/chips, and lots of fixings and you got yourself a quick, easy (vegan) Mexican meal at home. This week, I will also make a batch of black raspberry chia seed jam and Roasted Beet Hummus.

As you can see from my breakfast, vegetarian/vegan food can be delicious and satisfying. And, hopefully this post gives you an idea of what/how we eat and inspires you to try something new!

~Katie J.


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