Leg Work: Home Edition

Do you like going to the gym on the weekends?

I used to. But these days, I prefer to hit the gym a few [week] nights/week. And then on the weekends, I’d rather be active outside. San Diego is gorgeous -> high-60’s and sunny all weekend! Talk about “perfect” weather.

So I’d rather be…

  • Hiking with the hubs
  • Walking to the store or to meet friends
  • Taking our dog on a long walk.


Hampton does North Park

What a sweetie! How could I pass up spending time with her, doing her favorite things? Walking. Smelling. Peeing on EVERYTHING. Adorbs.

Although last (last) Sunday, after spending the morning at the dog park, I felt inspired to do an at-home workout. Confession: this doesn’t happen as much as it could/should seeing that I have an arsenal of dumbbells and a smidge of training experience. (Certified Personal Trainer * lifting for 3+ years * former bodybuilding competitor). Admittedly, I doubted the potential intensity of an at-home [leg] workout. I thought I was taking the easy way out by not going to the gym. Boy, was I WRONG.

  1. Afterwards, I nearly puked
  2. Soreness set in by the next AM.

What doesn’t challenge us doesn’t change us. The soreness confirmed this workout as a success and deemed it as a worthy share.

This workout can be modified by:

  1. decreasing the weight
  2. decreasing the reps/sets
  3. increasing the rest time.

Alternatively, you can definitely increase the intensity/difficulty of this workout – if you dare…

At-home Leg Workout ~40 minutes

Round Numero Uno
15 x Squats (held two 25# DB’s)
15 x Dumbell Step Up (bodyweight)
15 x Stiff Leg Deadlifts (held two 25# DB’s)
15 x One Leg Glute Bridges (placed one 8# DB on hips)
*Repeat 3x, then take 30-60 seconds rest before starting next round.

Round Numero Dos
15 x Sissy Squats (held two 25# DB’s)
15 x Jump Sumo Squats (held one 8# DB)
15 x Lying Leg Curl w/ DB (held one 8# DB w/ feet)
15 x Donkey Kicks w/ DB (held one 8# DB w/ crook of knee)
*Repeat 3x, then take 30-60 seconds rest before starting next round.

Round Numero Tres
15 x Kneeling Squats (held one 25# DB)
24 x Walking Lunges (bodyweight)
15 x Plie Squats (held one 25# DB)
15 x Calf Raises (bodyweight)
*Repeat 3x, then celebrate – you’re done!

Your future, shorts-wearing self will thank you for doing this workout. Summer is just around the corner! Let me know in the comments if you try this workout. Happy Monday friends/family.

-Katie J.

Throw Back - last year's photos for Shape.com article
Throw Back – last year’s photos for Shape.com article

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