Welcome to Healthy Foot Forward!

Starting this blog – Healthy Foot Forward – has been an idea in the making for literally years. I am not kidding. I have wanted to write a blog / be a “blogger” since like 2010 – six damn years ago! But, I was afraid. Of what, I don’t know? But this year – 2016 – I am doing it, starting with this post.

Why now, you ask? Well, for the past several years, I poured a majority of my heart and soul into switching careers. Best. Decision. Of. My. Life. At 25, I went back to college full-time at the University of Hawaii – gosh the weather there sucked, HA! After graduating, I paid (yes, paid) to intern full-time for free (yes, free). That was fun. Not. Then, lastly, I studied my little heart out for a big test and earned the right to use two little letters behind my name. RD. Registered Dietitian. Okay, where was I going with this? Ah yes, why now? Well, now that I have almost survived my first year of working (again) – I am ready to retire. Working is for the birds.

Kidding. I am actually having fun working again. Or, is it because I am making money again? Hmm. Either way, my passion for healthy living is as strong as ever. Now that I have the time and guts – I want to share more of that passion with my family and friends. And should someone else besides them and my hubs read this blog – that would be okay with me too.

Alright, already – what the hell are you going to be blogging about? Healthy Living. I don’t believe there is much on the blogosphere regarding this topic yet. Kidding. Do I have to say kidding, every time I try to be funny? But, yes, I plan to blog about healthy living with a focus on food and nutrition with a dash of fitness. Duh, I did tell you earlier that I am an RD. Read: food obsessed. And a Certified Personal Trainer – training only myself (for now). On a serious note, I promised myself to take this blog slow and allow the topics to develop naturally. I will be sharing what I eat/how I eat/why I eat this way on a weekly basis.

~Katie J.

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